Michael Kelsey plays Alumapalooza 7

mkmic3Every Alumapalooza is different, and this year attendees will enjoy something really special: a day of festival-style live music!

On Friday during Alumapalooza week—right on the field outside the Airstream factory where your trailer was made—the music will begin mid-morning and continue all day.

Among the musicians will be exciting guitarist and performance artist Michael Kelsey. “His live performances are particularly moving,” states a reviewer on his website. “Sometimes he sounds as if he’s deftly playing more than one guitar.”

“There is a five piece band in my head,” says Kelsey. “They all have different tastes in music and they are all trying to escape at the same time through my hands, feet and mouth. I hang onto an acoustic guitar and see what happens.”

Born and raised in Indiana, Kelsey played with many successful area bands as lead guitarist or bassist, and later opened his own recording studio. He now concentrates on his career as a solo artist. You’ve never seen anyone play like Kelsey, who creatively manipulates his guitar for funky percussive numbers as well as lush instrumentals.

Whether he’s creating a song spontaneously, telling a story complete with sound effects, or letting an inspired moment move his fingers around the fret board, Kelsey never performs the same show twice.mk003

Join the fun at the Factory! Sign up for Alumapalooza 7 soon—the party starts in less than three months.