Here’s what participants of Alumapalooza had to say after they got home:

What a blast! Our first rally type of outing, and we loved it. So much fun, so many great people in our Airstreams, and in town. You guys rock! — Rob Fike

Our first outing with the AS and it was great! Next year can’t come fast enough! — Gary Sarlo

You guys made this a memorable event. I hope you all have time to catch up on your lost sleep. Thanks for making me smile the entire time. Can’t wait for next year! — David Winick

Thank you for providing just enough rain to keep our trailers clean! We are already counting the days until Alumapalooza 2011. — Jennifer Slater

Enjoyed Alumapalooza 2010. Being a newbie, it was great to talk to other ‘streamers. Sessions were informative. Can’t wait for 2011! — Alicia A Miller

Alumapalooza was great! We had so much fun and the seminars were excellent! — Kathy Taylor Brunt

We have had such an amazing cool and groovy, fun-packed deliciously entertaining time here in Jackson Center. Let’s do it again next year. Yoga anyone?? 🙂 —  Sky

You guys are like a well oiled machine! You really know how to throw a fun event; what a fantastic time. I’m already spreading the word about next year! — Kristiana Trow Spaulding

Alumapalooza was a real storybook rally! Kudos and thanks to everyone at Airstream Life for the endless hours spent creating the happy Alumapalooza story. — Cynthia Nutt

We really enjoyed the rally you organized – many thanks to Rich and Brett and Eleanor and . . . I hope we will be able to participate in the future in any other rallies you organize! You have a real knack in taking care of details, including dust containment! Blessings! — Julie and Ken Callahan