Have questions about Alumapalooza? Well, you are in the right place! Check out the Q & A’s below — just click any question to reveal the answer. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

About Alumapalooza

What happens at Alumapalooza?

We have fun!

For five days and nights, we camp at the Airstream factory. (“Factory” sites are on the field next to the Airstream manufacturing building, “Holloway” sites are about 3/4 mile away.)

Usually there are two dozen or more informative seminars, hands-on workshops, and fun presentations, plus special events like Happy Hour, door prize drawings, live music, yoga, trailer Open House, factory tours, Dutch Oven cooking & cooking demonstrations, riveting, Open Mic night, a cookout, and much more.

Airstream staff join us on the field and invite us into their service center and manufacturing building. The local town of Jackson Center has a big Community Days event at the same time, with live music, dinners, beer tent, and amusement rides. It’s a great time for everyone — and a great chance to learn more about your Airstream, the Airstream company, and people like you who love to travel.

Is this just a rally?

No, it’s more!

Alumapalooza combines all the camaraderie of a rally with the educational benefit of a seminar (and the entertainment of a festival!) Just the seminars alone are invaluable. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to pick the brains of people who travel extensively, the folks at the Airstream factory, people who renovate and customize trailers, and other owners who are happy to exchange knowledge with you. Plus you’ll enjoy exploring Airstream’s factory, service center, live entertainment, presentations,  workshops, and much more.

Where’s Alumapalooza being held, exactly?

At the Airstream factory, 420 West Pike Street, Jackson Center, Ohio. Maps and pre-event instructions will be sent to all registered attendees via email in the spring. You can camp on the field or at an RV park in the area. Non-camping attendees can buy a “walk in” ticket that gives them access to everything.

Can I buy that cool Alumapalooza t-shirt?


When you register you’ll get the opportunity to buy official event t-shirts which will be delivered to you at the event. (If you pre-registered at the prior Alumapalooza, the shirts are FREE!)

During the event, there may be some leftover shirts available but quantities will be limited and we don’t guarantee availability. It’s best to order your shirts when you register.


What does it cost?

Adults: $140 each walk-in (staying offsite),or additional adult in an already registered camper
Kids 15 and under: FREE with a paid adult and campsite

Factory or Holloway campsite: $545.00 for the entire 5 nights of the event.  Includes 1 complimentary pump-out valued at $30!

Early Arrival: Show up as early as Friday, September 1 and camp on the grounds for three nights for just $50. Includes a Labor Day cookout, and one pump-out, but no hookups are guaranteed until the event starts on Tuesday.  If you choose this option, be sure to arrive with full water tank, charged batteries, and empty black/gray holding tanks.

T-shirts are $20 each for adults. T-shirts must be pre-ordered when registering and will be delivered at the event.

If you choose to stay off-site and just want to attend the event as a “walk-in,” your cost is $140 per adult for the entire week.

What do I get with my registration/campsite fee?

With registration fee:

  • Access to numerous seminars & workshops all week
  • A “goody bag” with discounts and information **
  • Live entertainment on at least two nights, usually more
  • Factory tours, multiple locations
  • Heritage Center access and shuttle bus to and from the “new” Airstream factory
  • A catered dinner on Saturday
  • Daily door prize drawings and other surprises

With campsite fee:

  • Five nights of camping
  • Rally electric (3 amp power, suitable for keeping batteries charged)
  • Water
  • Access to dump station
  • One complimentary pump-out valued at $30
  • Plus, you can bring all the kids (as long as they are all staying in your trailer) for free!

** If you wait and register for Alumapalooza on-site upon arrival, you will not receive a goody bag. You will still be entered to win door prizes and receive a wristband to attend all events, but goody bags will be reserved for those who registered before the event — just one more reason to register early!

What is Early Bird Parking?

Alumapalooza 14 starts on September 3, 2024. But if you want to arrive over the Labor Day weekend, you can arrive as early as Friday, August 30th.  Early parking is just $50 regardless of whether you arrive Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

If you choose to arrive early, keep in mind that there are no scheduled activities before Tuesday, except for a Labor Day cookout. Also, you will not have electric or water hookups until at least Tuesday afternoon, so plan to arrive with full fresh water tank, and empty black/gray tanks. (You can dump tanks upon arriving at Airstream, next to the Service Center.)

Can I register by phone?


Call us at 813-200-8877 to register by phone. Please leave a message if we don’t answer, and we’ll call you back.  We aren’t able to staff the phone full time.

How does the 'wait list' work?

In the event that a portion of Alumapalooza is sold out, including campsites or off-site prepaid tours, you can be put on a waiting list.
If we have a cancellation we will contact you via telephone and/or email and offer you the chance to register. When you’re contacted we’ll let you know the deadline to reply (anywhere from 24 to 72 hours).
If you don’t respond before the deadline, or you decline to register, the opportunity will be offered to the next person in line and you will be automatically removed from the wait list. In that case you’ll need to notify us again if you want to get back on the wait list.

I can't come. Can I re-sell my admission to someone else?

Sorry, no.

If you can’t make it, please contact us for a refund. (See our Cancellation Policy below.)

Admissions cannot be transferred from one party to another. Anyone who shows up but is not registered with us will not be admitted, even if you have the original registrant’s receipt.  Imagine trying to board a cruise ship with tickets issued to someone else!

What's the cancellation & refund policy?

Registrations to Alumapalooza® which are canceled before the event will incur the following fee:

On or Before July 20, 2024 :  $25.- cancelation fee per group (not per person)

From July 21 though August 10, 2024 :  $75.- cancelation fee per group (not per person)
From August 11 through August 25, 2024 :  $200.- cancelation fee per group (not per person)

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds for cancellations received after August 25, 2024 for any reason.

If you might have to cancel for any reason, please consider obtaining travel insurance.

Lets talk Trip Insurance!

For your attendance at Alumapalooza as well as the pre-trip travel you can find coverage for as little as $60.00 USD. It ranges from that $60.00 dollar number to over $300.00.

Trip insurance is a low cost way to protect your purchase in case something happens that impacts your trip or the ability to make the trip.

Typically the insurance will cover you 100% on getting your cost to attend the event back. You can also have coverage that will do emergency medical evacuation and cover emergency medical services. Each tier of coverage increases the cost, but one trip to the ER can cost you $5,000.

Trip insurance will reimburse you 100% of the event cost if there is ANY reason you need to cancel.

Placeholder for Link to travel insurance

Refunds will be made to the credit card or PayPal account that was originally used to make the payment, when possible. Otherwise refunds will be made by paper check mailed to the address on file.

Please note that t-shirts and other merchandise orders are not returnable or refundable. T-shirts not picked up at the event will be considered declined, and no refunds will be given.

If you wish to cancel your registration, please notify us via phone (813-200-8877) or email (info@randbevents.com).

I don’t have an Airstream. Can I still come?


If you aspire to own an Airstream, come on over and check out the people and the product! You’ll learn everything you want to know about them. Any brand of RV is welcome to attend. Sorry, tents are not allowed.

If you need a hotel, we recommend the Hampton Inn in nearby Sidney, OH. Click here for more information about the Hampton.

Can my friends come visit for free?


If you are a paid attendee, your friends can visit on any day of the event.

If you aren’t visiting friends but want to walk around to see the Airstreams, or shop at the vendors and at the new Airstream display, you are welcome to visit on Friday and Saturday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. There’s no cost for this. No unpaid people can be allowed in the field without a registered attendee due to Airstream policies.

However, everyone who wants to attend seminars, eat the meals, watch the entertainment, or participate in any organized activities must be registered and paid as a “walk in” attendee ($140 for the entire week).

The camping areas are both full! Can I still come?

Yes, absolutely.

You can buy a “walk-in” ticket and get all the perks, entertainment, prizes, and meals that camping attendees get. For $140 per adult you will get credentials allowing you to attend all the workshops, seminars, entertainment, and meals. You’ll also be eligible for door prizes, and get the “goody bag” with coupons and goodies. (Note: goody bags will not be available if you wait and register on-site, so register ahead of time to make sure you get all the goodies!)

Accomodations and Utilities

What's the difference between the Factory and Holloway camping areas?

Factory sites are located right next to the Airstream assembly building. They are closest to the Main Tent (a short walk, or you can catch the bus). The downside is that there is some noise at night from the factory’s vacuum system.

Holloway sites are located about 3/4 mile away. Our free shuttle bus runs all day Tuesday-Friday so you don’t have to walk or drive to get to anything. The Holloway sites are quieter.

Both the Holloway and Factory camping areas are on grass, with water and 3-amp electric hookups (except Generator sites). The cost is the same for either location.

Are there campgrounds nearby?

There are no established campgrounds in Jackson Center. The nearest private campgrounds are in Wapakoneta (17 miles). The closest state park camping is found at Indian Lake State Park (15 miles), Lake Loramie State Park (28 miles), and Grand Lake-St. Mary’s State Park (35 miles).

Will there be showers and bathrooms?

There will be portable toilets on site, and showers are available at the Municipal Pool down the street.

Can I drip my gray water on the ground?

No, please bring a portable tank (”blue boy”) and dump it in the designated sewer drain near the camping area. You can also haul your trailer over to the dump station anytime, or use the station when you depart.

What utilities will I get on-site? What should I bring?

Alumapalooza offers 3-amp AC power, and access to water and dump station. Please bring at least 50 feet of fresh water hose, two 25 foot hoses work best, and a Y-connector. Trailers will be “daisy chained” to a central water supply. You should also bring at least 50 feet of extension cord and a 15-amp adapter so you can plug into the power.

Can I get 30-amp electric to run my air conditioner?

Sorry, no, but you can elect to park in the generator section and provide your own power. Be sure to select the “Generator section” option when you register. Note that generator sites will not have electrical connections supplied, so if you park in those spaces, you’re on your own for power.

Generator use will only be permitted between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily.

What’s the 3-amp power hookup good for?

It’s for keeping your battery charged. Use only 12-volt lights and appliances, and you’ll be fine. Fridges should be on “propane” setting during the event.

Will there be a dump station or a pump-out?


There’s a dump station near the Airstream Service Center that you can use when arriving and departing. During the event a pump-out service will be available. One complimentary pump-out is included with your campsite fee (a $30 value). Instructions on how to get a pump-out during the event will be provided to you when you arrive. There is also a gray water dump point that you can use if you bring an external wastewater holding tank.

Special Requests

Can I bring my pet, have a fire, or serve drinks?

Dogs are welcome but should be on leash while in the camping area. There is open space to run your dog nearby. Dogs are not allowed inside the tent during the Saturday dinner.

Ground fires are prohibited but you can use a grill or other contained fire pit (like a Solo stove) that keeps the fire out of direct contact with the ground.

Alcohol is prohibited by our insurance company.

Will there be a vintage section?

Not specifically. All parking will be self-parking. So, if there’s space when you arrive, you can park together with friends. But we can’t “save” spaces for people who aren’t yet on site.

About the Area


Can I bring my Airstream food trailer and sell on site?


We’d like to have a few Airstream-based food trailers on site, but there are important limitations. You must have a Airstream (or vintage trailer) purpose-built for food service. You must comply with all applicable laws, health/safety codes, and permitting requirements as defined by the Village of Jackson Center, Shelby County, and/or the state of Ohio. Onsite power is limited so we can only allow a maximum of five food service trailers.

There is no cost to food vendors who meet these criteria. If you have an appropriate food trailer business, please contact us at info@randbevents.com for additional details.