Alumapalooza on TV

We just got informed today that an HGTV special called “Retro Roadhomes: RVs Gone Crazy!” will be airing tomorrow night (Friday, January 11) at 9:00pm eastern on HGTV.  Why should you care?  Because it will feature a tour of the Airstream Factory as well as Alumapalooza 2012!

 So if you were there in 2012, or you are considering coming this year, check it out!  (And let us know how it was—we don’t have cable.)

One Comment on “Alumapalooza on TV

  1. We also don’t have cable, but some of our crazy airstream friends recorded it and we watched it at their house. Not only did we see our ’78 Argosy with our kayaks and truck, both Chris and I were there when they filmed another of the scenes (and we didn’t even know it!). How fun.