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2 Comments on “Questions?

  1. Love Brad’s T-shirt(s), but I don’t wear the guy kind. Would you consider offering a women’s style, scoop-neck or v-neck with a more fitted cut? There were lots of women at 2010, and I think many of us in 2011 might like a choice.

  2. Beverly, that’s a good suggestion. We looked into this for you, and unfortunately found that the cost and complexity would become prohibitive. The women’s shirts require a whole new set of silkscreens in order to fit the shirt properly, and would require us to print a completely separate run of all sizes. Plus, instead of inventorying five sizes, we’d have 2 styles x 5 sizes, or ten separate items.

    We make only a few dozen shirts for Alumapalooza, which is a very small order for t-shirt silk screeners, so it’s already difficult to keep the cost reasonable. As much as we’d like to offer this option, it probably wouldn’t be cost effective.