Meet Kristiana

Alumapalooza 2011Sneak a peek at some of the jewelry worn at Alumapalooza. If you see a stunning sterling pendant in the shape of an Airstream, or cute little silver trailer earbobs, chances are they were designed by Kristiana Spaulding.

In addition to her line of Airstream-inspired Silver Trailer jewelry, businesswoman Kristiana owns a collection of restored and redecorated vintage trailers available for rent for use during photo and video shoots, trade shows, and weddings.

At her Alumapalooza seminar next week Kristiana will share her favorite road trip apps, photo & creative apps and websites, and gadgets to pack in your Airstream that come in handy on the road—all compiled from her personal use, social media seminars, and networking with other users.

“One of the best things about road tripping is getting out into nature and unplugging for a while. At the same time, it’s also wonderful to have the assistance of apps and gadgets to help us enhance our journey and stay creatively connected with fellow travelers,” she said. “It’s all about balance!”

Kristiana has attended every Alumapalooza since the first gathering five years ago. “I’m excited to share some favorite apps and gadgets with friends at Alumapalooza, especially on my five year Alumapaversary!” she said. (Now there’s another new word for the Oxford English Dictionary.) “A big thanks to fellow app-loving friends who shared their favorites with me, and to my past seminar attendees. I hope to see you again this year.”Alumapalooza 2011

Kristiana will share a board on her Pinterest page that contains pins of all of the apps and gadgets she covers during the seminar.