“Passages in Past Tents” author joins us in Jackson Center

passages_vol1_cover_300rsRGBOnce upon a time, Bayne Stevenson—a retired banker and commercial real estate developer—scooped up his dogs, hitched “Past Tents” (his 28-foot Airstream) to his Tundra, and took a trip with his wife Jeannie around the USA.

Then he invented the “Bloogle”.

His Bloogles—mashups of blog entries and Google maps—have been compiled into the Passages in Past Tents travel series, a story told in two volumes and composed from a collection of photos, maps, journal entries, and emails (“iBloogles”) shared with friends and colleagues.

The Passages in Past Tents publications are now selling across the country, and Bayne, the author, is using his success to spearhead a campaign to aid the funding of National Parks.

“In an era where unfortunately our parks are suffering from reduced operating budgets and low attendance of our youth, Bayne artfully reminds us how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful land with such a wide array of public facilities,” wrote a reviewer on his website. “Rich with historical, geographical, and anecdotal tidbits, Bayne’s two volumes are informative as well as entertaining.  And if you don’t chuckle at the faithfully recorded bumper stickers at the end of each chapter, then you must be from another planet.”

c-horsebayneBayne will be present at Alumapalooza and will do a reading—his first!—and discuss the book and its origins.

The Airstream Store—located online, and in the Service Center at the factory—stocks the books for sale. All proceeds from this “entertaining series packed with insight and photos” will go to support our National Parks. Both Bayne and his publisher Beth will be selling the books at Alumapalooza, so you can pick them up directly from them. Bayne will be happy to personally sign your copy!

Enjoy this video introduction to Bayne and Passages in Past Tents.