See you there!

Registration for Alumapalooza 2011 is now closed. If you plan to visit Alumapalooza but not camp on site, you can just show up during the event and buy a week-long “Walk-In” pass for $70. That gets you access to everything, including all seminars, entertainment, dinner, and door prizes.  Check the event schedule for the times that registration will be open.

If you are registered, be sure to download the “Pre Event Instructions” mentioned below.  Don’t forget to bring 50 feet or more of white water hose, a Y-splitter for the water line, and at least 50 feet of electrical extension cord.

Optionally, you may want to consider bringing decorations for the Open House (and you might win an Airstream Life “Wally” award!), items to sell at the Swap Meet, a handheld GPS for the geocaching seminar, a bicycle for the two bike rides, food to grill on Open Grill night, or a Dutch Oven and ingredients for the cooking seminar.

See you in Jackson Center!