The Aluminum Gong Show comes to Ohio!

Here’s one of the many new events we’re working on for Alumapalooza 4:  The Aluminum Gong Show (For Charity).  It’s sort of our version of “open mike night.”  Anyone who cares to perform can show up and do their very best (or worst) at entertaining the crowd.  Here’s how it works:

We’ll have a big glass jar sitting at the front of the stage.  If you don’t like the act, you can “pay” to make it stop early.  Throw a few dollar bills in the jar, and once it reaches the red line, the act must end.  All of the money collected will go to a local charity.

If you do like the act, you can sit back and enjoy it.  The best act (as determined by our non-celebrity judges) will get a great prize at the end of the show.

So if you’ve got a talent, a few jokes, a guitar, a clown suit, or an entertaining skill that defies description, sign up to perform at the Aluminum Gong Show (For Charity)!  Just drop us an email at or let us know when you arrive.  Every performance will help raise money for a worthy local cause, and we’ll all have a fun time!