Calling all Airstream bloggers!

Every year at our events we find at least half a dozen Airstream bloggers come, and they always report on their view of what’s happening at the event.  This year at Alumapalooza, we are inviting all bloggers (and wannabee bloggers) to join up in a new “Bloggers’ Roundtable” discussion.

If you have a blog about any subject and regularly post to it, let us know (by emailing us at and you could be one of the people leading the roundtable discussion!

Be sure to send us a link to your blog, too.  We’ll select a few bloggers to host the discussion, and everyone else will be welcome to participate from the audience.  If you have a blog and want to improve it, or you’re thinking about starting one, this will be a great way to get tips, share ideas, and show off what you’ve done.  Look for the Bloggers’ Roundtable on the seminar schedule when you arrive!