Why only 200 trailers?

We weren’t kidding about Alumapalooza selling out early!  We have just 200 spaces available, and as of today 158 of them have been reserved.  So don’t wait much longer to make your reservation!

Why can we only accept 200 trailers?

There are several reasons why we’re holding the event to just 200.  First, we’re restricted by the space available at Airstream.  In the photo below, from the original Airstream Homecoming event in 1980, every open speck of grass was utilized to park trailers.  Today — 31 years later — not as much space remains open.

1st Annual Airstream Homecoming Rally, 1980

Second, we are allowing some extra space so that if the field gets very wet, we can avoid parking in some spaces and still fit everyone.

Third, we want to keep the event reasonably sized, so that everyone has a chance to meet new friends and enjoy the seminars & entertainment without crowding.  Two hundred trailers means we’ll have about 400-450 people attending.   Alumapalooza is kind of like a party, and parties are more fun when there’s the right amount of people.

If you aren’t sure whether you can attend, you can go ahead and reserve a space today.  If you cancel prior to March 31, you’ll get all of your money back minus $25.  So that way you can “hold” yourself a space now and take a few weeks to decide if you can really make it.