Hear ye! Hear ye!

First off, Alumapalooza is going to happen. I even have a few spaces available!

I have been getting emails and there have been some posts about when will the schedule be out, etc. In the past three weeks we have sent every registered attendee three emails. One with the preliminary schedule, one with the get ready guide and one with updates and an explanation of our covid protocols. These emails are going to the email address you registered with.

If your email address has changed, we need to know that. We are also seeming to be auto-filed in some peoples email. So if you have not seen the message, please do a search on info@randbevents.com in your email system including the spam or junk folder. If your email address has changed, let us know at the same email address.

We have had a bunch of changes since the preliminary schedule was sent, we hope to send out an updated scheduls by Friday. Looking forward to seeing you all there.  Travel safe!