Update your plumbing with PEX

PEX1You might know Robert Fike, auto racer (2-time GT-3 Midwestern Champion in his Porsche 911), and Airstreamer (345 class A motorhome). Rob recently replumbed his MoHo with PEX piping, and he’ll bring his invaluable wit and wisdom about the experience to Alumapalooza 6 attendees.

At the “Bring your plumbing into the 21st century” seminar, Rob will teach you how to replace the outdated water piping in your older model Airstream with PEX water lines and help you plan for your upgrade.PEX2

PEX— “cross-linked polyethylene”—is billed as the biggest revolution in plumbing since the flush toilet. Better for RVs than PVC and copper tubing, PEX contracts and expands more than rigid piping, and is less likely to split if it freezes. PEX also resists scaling, and is approved for both hot and cold potable water.

PEX3Vintage owners, you won’t want to miss this unique hands-on demonstration of the materials, techniques, and tools you’ll need to upgrade your Airstream with PEX.