The Airstream plant expansion and Alumapalooza 6

Airstream Factory

By now you’ve likely heard the exciting news from The Mothership: Airstream’s manufacturing plant is growing! You may be wondering how the plant expansion has affected plans for Alumapalooza 6, to be held on the grounds of the factory May 26 – 31, 2015.

Mostly, it means that even more Airstreams will be under construction on the assembly line for you to see when you take the factory tour.

Oh, the parking set up and main tent location will shift a bit, but other than that, the seminars and music, the food and the fun, and the happy hours and hijinks will all continue for our sixth consecutive year. (R&B events stays in constant contact with Airstream, Inc.; we’ve been in the loop for ages and have already planned the event layout.)

Those who’ve visited the Mothership know that there’s lots of land around Airstream, Inc.—plenty of room for a significant plant expansion AND a massive party on the premises.Airstream Factory

Construction should be complete weeks before Alumapaloozers arrive, and it’s a sizable step for the Airstream company: 94,000 new square feet will be added to the current 134,000-square-foot factory.

“As a result of growing demand, production at the plant in Jackson Center has begun to exceed the capacity of the factory,” states “The addition to the existing facilities will allow Airstream to increase its current production capacity to approximately 50% over current levels…At Airstream, we are committed to excellence in both our product and our service, and we believe that the plant expansion will allow us to grow in both of these areas. We want to thank you, Airstreamers, for making it all possible!”

The new construction is a win-win situation for everyone involved with Airstream— including the community (as it means more jobs for the good people of Jackson Center and surrounding towns).

So, we’ll see you at Alumapalooza 6! There’s still plenty of room for anyone that wants to enjoy an early summer week in Ohio, immersed in all things Airstream. (Sign up soon, and join us for the fun Memorial Day picnic, held just for early arrivals.)

Each Alumapalooza is different, and the upcoming event will show you an (almost) all-new Airstream, Inc.! Repeat ‘Paloozers, you’ll have fun to returning to the homeland of your coach…and you’ll be the first on your block to see the big changes at the factory.ohio