The Love Story Project

Bring your own love story to Alumapalooza to be a part of “The Love Story Project”!

Project creators Shari and Alan Fraser will be attending Alumapalooza 5 (their first) with their rolling photobooth, where they’ll continue their quest to record 500 love stories in the year between Valentine’s Day 2014 and 2015.

The Love Story Project Kickoff Event Photos306Shari, a cultural anthropologist, has always loved photography and engaging audio stories (like those you hear through NPR’s This American Life and StoryCorps). Alan, a filmmaker and writer, has studied, taught and practiced the craft of storytelling. As a team, they endeavor to bring a positive presence to online communities by recording and sharing heartwarming, funny, touching and real love stories as told by a diverse group of people.

During Alumapalooza week, share your story with Shari and Alan in their 1968 Airstream mobile story/photobooth that they’ve operated for two years as (as the Bluesteel Airstream Photobooth, part of their business, Sonrisa Photography).  You might be featured on the project website, where they publish one love story per day.

“We’ve just started getting on the road more and are looking to find all kinds of people with all kinds of stories,” said Alan.

The Love Story Project Kickoff Event Photos300The Project is free (but the purchase of a t-shirt, hat, or heart related art will help them with some of their costs.)

“Whether it’s a story of how two people met, a funny dating story,  a great proposal, or the moment they knew it was love, everyone in love or who has ever been in love has at least one terrific love story to tell,” states their website.

What’s yours? Love stories do not have to be told by a couple…and they don’t have to be about your main squeeze today. Your story may be a memory of a loved one, a long distance love message, about your first love or crush, a tale of unrequited love, or about your family. (How did your parents meet and fall in love?)