New fun planned for this summer

We’ve always said that Alumapalooza is never the same two years in a row.  Sure, we’re bringing back some of the favorite events from last year, like the fantastic Rivet Masters competition, Dutch Oven cooking, and yoga, but we’re also introducing some new fun stuff, like …

Roving Happy Hour:  Last year people told us, “We had a lot of fun, but we were so busy attending all the seminars and events that we didn’t have enough time to just sit under the awning and meet new people.”  So this year we are introducing Roving Happy Hours.  It works like this:  at the 4 p.m. announcements (under the main tent, where we give away the door prizes every day), we’ll have 10 flags to hand out.  If you want to host a Happy Hour at your trailer at 5 p.m., just pick up a flag and stick it in the ground near your awning.  Anyone who wants to join your Happy Hour is welcome when the flag is flying.

The next day, we’ll collect all the flags and hand them out to 10 different Airstreamers. So, there will be 50 separate Happy Hour locations at Alumapalooza over the course of the 5-day event.  That should give you plenty of time to meet new friends and see a lot of interesting trailers.

Backup Derby:  Here’s your chance to show off your skill at backing up a trailer—or practice in a safe environment on ours!  We’ll supply a trailer, a truck, and an obstacle course made of traffic cones.  You’ll need a team of two: one person to drive and the other to shout out instructions.  The course will involve backing up a trailer through the course as quickly as possible—without knocking over any cones!  Sign up when you arrive at Alumapalooza and get ready for some hilarious fun.

Open Grill:  We had one Open Grill night last year, and it was really popular. So this year we’re going to have Open Grill on three nights.  It’s a lot of fun sharing the big custom-made grills with your fellow Airstreamers, and sharing the interesting items that people bring to cook.  We’ll supply the charcoal and the grills, you bring whatever you want to cook.

Sound like fun?  You bet!  But fair warning:  we’re nearly sold out of trailer spaces.  If you want to come to Alumapalooza 2012, book now!